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Workshop by Dawn

  • Between trainer/owne
  • 2390 West Lake Blvd

Service Description

Agility workshop hosted by Dawn

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Your code for DATE will be sent the morning of your rental . If you do not get a code call befor you come 563-349-3095. Please know it will open the door but will not keep it unlocked. Every time you leave the building please make sure you have the code with you. Nothing worse than having a handler outside and the dog locked inside. Dogs not working are to be kept in a kennel or on a leash. Dogs cannot run the building. We are trying to keep from finding surprises in different areas. Speaking of surprises – please clean up after your dog, both inside and out. Safety is a primary concern of the QCDC. The agility equipment is full sized. Please make sure your dog has had full training. Contact equipment is not to be moved. If you move jumps or tunnels please return them to where you found them. If you want to train with Hoops they are upstairs. We are having some difficulty and concerns with private rentals putting treats in tunnels and on contacts. This isn’t acceptable for training or building maintenance. Our main business is renting to clubs that host trials. If dogs at trials are distracted by odor or residue left by treats on the equipment then we all lose. So please, no food/treats on equipment or in tunnels. We need to protect each other. If you’re going to practice nosework in the building we again need to be protective of trials. No odor (on q-tips or in containers) can be placed on any agility equipment or fencing. Please keep count of the number of hides placed and please make sure you have them all when you leave.

Contact Details

  • 2390 West Lake Blvd, Davenport, 52804

    + 563-349-3095

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